We are proud to announce that Medtalkz has been granted CPD status. This means that registered users of Medtalkz will be able to earn CPD points simply by watching lectures online. 

A lecture must be viewed in its entirety in order for CPD points to be awarded. To ensure that the entire video is viewed, random pauses have been built into each video which will require interaction from the viewer within a set time frame, in order to resume play. 

CPD points are allocated at 0.5 points per 30 minutes of video play.

Videos that have been accredited with CPD ethics points are depicted with a green ribbon and clinical CPD points with a blue ribbon.


CPD activities and point allocations are logged and accessed from the user’s profile page, where the user may download or email a CPD certificate of activities as needed.

Please note:  As with most complex IT developments, our online CPD system is still in B-phase development, and we welcome your feedback. As such we recommend that


Google Chrome is used, and videos are not viewed in full screen mode. Viewing via Safari and Edge is still in development and thus we do not recommend using these browsers for CPD as yet.


Have a question?  Ask us here.


More info on CPD requirements

  • You are required to obtain 60 CEU points within 24 months after completion of your Community Service/HPCSA registration.
  • 10 of the 60 points have to be obtained for ethics.
  • It is recommended that you acquire 30 points (of which 5 should be for ethics) within the first 12 months to make the process manageable.
  • You will not receive a CPD Compliance Audit within 24 months after completion of your Community Service/HPCSA registration. This is deemed a "grace period".
  • After the lapse of the 24 month period, you may be selected for an HPCSA compliance audit at any time which means that your current CEU balance at any date should equal 60 points (of which 10 should be for ethics)
  • Speakers are entitled to 3 CEU points for delivering a lecture (rule R). These will be automatically added to your CPD activities on Medtalkz if you are registered as a ‘user’, as apposed to being registered as a ‘Speaker’ only. If you are unsure please contact us at
  • Can I do Medtalkz CPD on my smart device or phone? Yes you can. Most android smart devices work well. Apple devices work, however, you may need to close the ‘playing video’ window once paused in order to ‘resume’ the playback. Please give us feedback at so we can work on the bugs.